Resignation letter from the IJA president

Dear IJA Members,

Cherry blossoms are in full display these days. Spring has sprung!

This is the 11th spring since the founding of the IJA back in 2008 when the Consul General at the time said, “I wish Boise has some kind of organization that can act as a bridge to the Consulate Office of Japan in Portland.” With that suggestion, I gathered together a number of Japanese nationals here in southern Idaho and we formed IJA to act as a bridge, but also to be a resource for Japanese culture in Southern Idaho

Our biggest event each year is “Japan Day.” It has become one of the “must-see-events” in Boise. Local television and newspaper reporters interview us every year on how we bring a little bit of Japan into the Treasure Valley.

This event had humble beginnings and started as “Japan Night” in the first floor auditorium at the Idaho Power building on 13th Street. Idaho Power let us use the room free of charge, and its employees volunteered as security that night. The event lasted two hours, and 100-150 people showed up. The event has grown tremendously since then and we are expecting a couple thousand people this year.

It is wonderful to see how the people of Boise have accepted and welcome Japanese culture over the years.

I would like to inform you that I have resigned from my position as the president of the Idaho Japanese Association (IJA), effective March 31, 2019. Thank you for the support and the opportunities you have provided me during the last five years.

This spring, IJA is opening a new chapter. The board has been refreshed and the members have been appointed to their new roles. We have a redesigned logo, an updated website, and recently started distributing our newsletter. We are also working to become a federally recognized not-for-profit organization. We look forward to a bright future and greatly appreciate your continued support.

Idaho Japanese Association

Rika Torres

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