Japan Day 2019

Sep 2nd (Mon) 2019

11 am ~ 3:30 pm

Venue: Basque Center

601 W Grove St, Boise

11:00 Opening Statment
11:05 Sangha Taiko
11:30 Treasure Valley School of Karate
11:45 Shishimai
12:05 Traditional Japanese Dance
12:50 Consul General’s Greeting
1:00 Sora Shodo + Koto Collaboration
2:00 Koto Performance
2:30 Traditional Japanese Dance
2:40 Shamisen Performance
2:55 The Dojo Performance
3:15 Kawa Taiko Performance
3:30 Closing Statement


Mitsuki Dazai Koto Music

Koto master Mitsuki Dazai is a graduate of both Tokyo’s prestigious Kunitachi College of Music, and of the Sawai Koto Institute, where she studied with the world-renowned virtuoso Kazue Sawai, and received her certificate in koto instruction. Dazai moved to Oregon in 2002, and became a guest lecturer at universities in Oregon, also became an artistic director of new koto ensemble group, Oregon Koto-Kai  (Japanese Koto Society of Oregon). She tours throughout the US, Europe, South America and Japan to perform koto music.

Visit Oregon Koto-Kai 

Sora Shodo

Sora started learning Shodo at the age of 6 and in her 30’s, she studied under Master Sekko Daigo (Oregon), and under Master Futo Suzuki’s (Japan) curriculum. Shodo is a medium that expresses the inner potential of the individual and allows you to take notice of your true self. Through her shodo performance, she demonstrates the limitless possibilities of expression and challenges the leading edge of her art.

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Fujima Shunojo Dance

Grandmaster Fujima Shunojo earned his professional name at an early age. He opened his own school of classical dance and taught for several years in Tokyo and he directed his own dance group in Chicago for over 40 years. In 2011, he received the Japan America Society Cultural Achievement Award, and in 2013 he received the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation Award.

Visit Fujima Shunojo.

Kawa Taiko

Kawa Taiko was formed in Ontario, Oregon in February 2000 ignited by a performance by Portland Taiko in Ontario in 1999. The group is self- taught, but various taiko masters from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Pocatello have generously shared their expertise.  Our members have also attended conferences in Seattle, Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Las Vegas for motivation, inspiration and to advance their taiko skills.


Boise Shishimai team inherited the tradition from Noshiro city in Akita, Japan. The story was told “When a traveling performer became sick in Noshiro city, he was nursed by the local villagers. When he recovered, he taught them the Shishimai dance.” The purpose of the dance is to vanquish demons and celebrate the prosperity of the village.

Sangha Taiko

Sangha Taiko is part of the Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple, a Shin Buddhist temple afiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America and the Nishi Hongwanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The playing of taiko drums not only serve to entertain but also to teach the Buddhist concepts of ego-lessness and harmony. As we play, we listen to ourselves and we listen to each other. In doing so, we step beyond the usual focus of individual concerns. The result is harmony.There is harmony of spirit, energy, and sound. The totality constitutes the practice of taiko.



The focus of Treasure Valley School of Karate – Do is placed primarily on the “Do” (pronounced doe), which is the way to live, think, and act in all aspects of life. This approach not only offers an effective course in self – defense, but works to improve skills in leadership, honesty, goal setting, self – discipline, and academic excellence.

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Emmett Ricks lived in Okinawa for 2 years. During that time, he fell in love with the sound of the Shamisen and Sanshin. He learned how to play and sing the Okinawan folk songs.  Emmett performed on many occasions, won contests in Japan and US.  In 2014, He earned Sanshin certification in Okinawa. He will perform with his wife Michelle Ricks.


The Dojo

The Dojo will demonstrate the Arts of Shoshin Ryu and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. Shoshin Ryu is a traditional Japanese jujutsu with an emphasis on modern day self-defence. Tosano Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu is Japanese Koryu.

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