Japan Day 2017

Japan Day 2017 was held on Sep 4th. While it was very warm day, we had great performers and hundreds of Idahoan enjoyed our event. We truly appreciate all the people who helped us to put this event together.  

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Yama Taiko Team

Yamataiko was founded in 2013 in Idaho Falls. They have performed at many occations in Idaho Falls, Pocattello and Boise.

Their director, Janet Youngblood was the founder of Manhattan Taiko in New York. After retiring, she relocated to Idaho Falls and organized a new Taiko group and has been performing regularly. 


Takako Hara

Takako Hara

Takako began to learn Buyo, Japanese traditional dance, when she was 2 at Fujima School in Osaka and was given a professional performance name 藤間 禄舞寿Fujima Rokumaijyu at the age of 17.

She has been active with Portland State University's English Kabuki projects. She provided choreography and instruction for The Revenge of the 47 Loyal Samurai -忠臣蔵- in 2016 and The Castle Tower -天守物語- & The Puppeteer -傀儡師- in 2017 .


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Shishimai Team

Boise Shishimai team inherited the tradition from Noshiro city in Akita, Japan.

The story was told "When a traveling performer became sick in Noshiro city, he was nursed by the local villagers. When he recovered, he taught them the Shishimai dance." 

The purpose of the dance is to vanquish demons and celebrate the prosperity of the village. 



Emmett Ricks

Emmett lived in Okinawa for 2 years. During that time, he fell in love with the sound of the Shamisen and Sanshin. He learned how to play and sing the Okinawan folk songs.  Emmett performed on many occasions, won contests in Japan and US.  In 2014, He earned Sanshin certification in Okinawa.

He will perform with Michelle Ricks or the exchange student Rimi Sato.


Idaho kendo club led by Robert Stroud (Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Japanese fencing. They offer classes in kendo and iaido for students of all ages. Kendo is a fun activity that promotes physical, mental, and cultural learning. Idaho kendo club is a member of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation and All United States Kendo Federation.


Aikido enbu, which is a special type of Aikido movement, will be performed by Aikido-Arniskido Self-Defense Learning team, led by Rick Miller.

The children's group will be performing "randori", which includes a mock knife attack and sword katas.

The adult group will perform a variety of Aikido moves, which in Japanese are called "randoris", "7 saburie", and "Sanju ichi jo kata".

There will be 14 performers coming.


Treasure Valley Judo and Mushin Judo Club from Boise, Idaho

Living-Warrior Dojo

Koryu Budo is a description of any Japanese martial art that was founded prior to 1800. Their training is based on the traditional Densho (ancient training scrolls) as well as the current Kuden (oral or direct training) through the last living head of the ninja tradition, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. 

Time Table

12:00 Opening
 12:05-12:40  Yama Taiko
 12:45-12:50  Nihon Buyou: Takako Hara 
 12:55-1:10  Shishimai (Lion Dance)
 1:15-1:30  Aikido
 1:45-2:00  Shamisen
 2:05-2:25  Kendo
 2:30-2:38  Nihon Buyou: Takako Hara
 2:45-3:00  Koryu Budo
 3:05-3:20  Shishimai (2)(Lion Dance)
 3:25-3:40   JUDO
 3:40   50/50 Raffle Drawing

Schedule subject to change



Anime Oasis

Idaho Koi Society

Karen Day

Flea Market

50/50 Raffle

IJA Flea Market etc.

Idaho Japanese Kids Club

Yoko's Booth

Arisa's Booth


Yo-Yo Fishing

Bouncy Ball Scoop




Otedama (Japanese juggling balls)




Ennichi Carnival

Flea Market

IJA Booth



If you are interested helping out Japan Day,  please contact us!

Location: The Basque Center, Basque Block

601 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702

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