IJA Summer Picnic

IJA Annual Summer Picnic  IJA Summer picnic was held in Tully park this year. We had a great time visiting our members working with Idaho kids club.  


After 60 years, Godzilla finally landed in Boise! This was the original 1954 monster classic. The movie was shown the day before the newest Godzilla release. It was such a great experience for us to know how Boise loved Original Godzilla. Click here to learn interesting story about making of the Original Godzilla.    

Like Father, Like Son

Idaho Japanese Association hosted social hour before “Like Father, Like Son” Movie event. This movie took the Jury Prize at Cannes on Sunday, the first Japanese win in the category since 1987, Best of 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival. During Social hour, Japanese books and DVDs were sold.


3月13日 6pm ソーシャル 7pm 「そして父になる」 映画上映 場所:The Flicks(map) 福山雅治主演「そして父になる」の上映に先立ちIJA主催でソーシャルを行いました。 ソーシャルでは、日本関係の本 DVDなどを販売しました。

Like Father,Like Son

3月にフリックスにて行われる福山雅治主演「そして父になる」の上映に先立ちIJA主催でソーシャルを行う予定です。その場にて、日本関係の本などを販売する予定です。お手持ちの本で寄付できるものがございましたら、idahopotatoclub@gmail.comまでお知らせください。 In March, The Flicks will be showing “Like Father,like son” starring Masaharu Fukuyama. IJA is planning to host a social hour at that time. If you have Japanese books to donate, please contact us at idahopotatoclub@gmail.com. Thank you!